Teen Leads Police On High Speed Chase

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 9:29am

SAN JUAN - An early morning high speed chase ends in flames, literally. Police have arrested Jody Rodriguez, 17, after they said he took them on a dangerous pursuit.

"He didn't have any regard for his life or the life of innocent people," said Sgt. Rudy Luna, San Juan Police.

Police said it all started here at the stripes on Nolana Loop, just after 3:25 a.m. 

"He had a heavy coat on, which didn't match what the temperature was outside, around 70 degrees," said Sgt. Luna.

When police dispatch called the Stripes clerk to see if he was OK, the clerk said he thought the suspect had a gun hidden in his coat.

"So the officer tries to stop him, and he runs a red light and ends up in a vehicle pursuit," said Sgt. Luna.

While speeding, police said Rodriguez hit another vehicle. But the accident didn't slow him down, police said he kept driving, leaving the accident in the dust. His car was so damaged his tire flew off, but still, this doesn't stop Rodriguez. It's not until his vehicle catches fire does he pull over. But even then, he resists police so much he has be to taized. He's arrested for resisting and evading arrest.

But this wasn't Rodriguez's first run-in with the law. At 17 years old he already has an extensive criminal history. San Juan police said it's a sad truth, but they are seeing younger and younger offenders everyday.

"Kids at that age, they think everything is easy for them. And we are looking at that age for kids committing these type of crimes," said Sgt. Luna.

Police said Rodriguez will also face pending charges for leaving the scene of an accident. He received a bond for $110,000.

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