Teen Caught Peddling Prescription Pills at Sunrise Mall

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 8:53am

He came to the mall to do more than just shop.
Police say a nineteen year old likely had his sites set on peddling prescription pills.

Nineteen year old Luis Manuel Eliola of Brownsville has been charged with 17 counts of of possession of a controlled substance.

He was found with 28 bottles of prescription pills, but eleven of them were drugs prescribed to him.

A Sunrise Mall patron reported the nineteen year old after he was approached by him.

"He informed mall security that he had been approached by this individual and he attempted to sell him the drugs." said Brownsville Police Dept., PIO Eddie Garcia.

Brownsville Police were called and the teen was arrested.

The seventeen seized bottles contained slightly over a thousand pills combined. A quick search of some of the drugs Eliola was caught with range from pain killers to anti- depressants and sleeping pills.

A narcotics officer with the Brownsville Police Department says depending on the type of drug, prescription pills like the ones Eliola was allegedly attempting to sell go for about $5 to $20, per pill, on the street.

Authorities confiscated the drugs and the backpack Eliola was carrying and a local judge gave the teen a $52,500 dollar bond.

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