Teen Allegedly Kidnapped is Found Safe


POSTED: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 5:01pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 8:29am

"I’m very very scared because he is very very dangerous."

She feared for her niece, 19-year-old Joanna Maria Herrera, who's four months pregnant.

This witness saw it all. Concerned for his safety, he agreed to talk to us but without identifying him.

"I saw the gentleman trying to go in through the window. He was trying to open window. He didn't succeed opening the window, so he went and was knocking on the door."

At that point, the witness says the man went back to the window, broke in but cut himself in the process and ran off.

“That’s when I ran after him. He kind of got in his vehicle and reversed all the way to the next street and then he went to the other side."

The witness didn't get the license plate numbers because the car the suspect drove didn't have the front plate. The witness called police with the vehicle's description: a black, four-door sedan.

The family has identified the driver as Herrera’s boyfriend, Isaac. Milagro Aldape tells us the teen's boyfriend has physically abused her throughout the relationship.

"He just came out of jail a few months ago. We had warned her not to go back with him because before he was in jail, he was an abusive boyfriend. Eventually he got pregnant from him."

The call to police was made shortly before 11:30 this morning. The alleged kidnapping took place only feet away from the police department. Ironically, at that time, dozens of police officers, including the police chief, were outside honoring falling officers in observance of national police week.

Herrera and the suspect had a two-year-relationship before he went to jail. At the time of the arrest, Aldape tells us the couple broke up but kept in touch.

"They had started talking again. Apparently, she thought he had changed but I told her, he's in jail, he's going to say he's changed."

Shortly after 1:45 this afternoon, police say the teen was located and has been talking with investigators. They say she's doing fine.

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