Friday, April 1, 2011 - 2:07pm

Residents of Florida neighborhood say they're being pelted with golf balls from nearby course.

Residents in a Florida neighborhood are playing a game of dodge ball with a nearby golf course.

They say they are living in a hazardous area all because of flying golf balls.

One ball even sent a woman to the emergency room and left her on crutches for weeks.

Sonya Goodrich and her husband say they are living in fear because golf balls are going off course and onto their Palm Beach Gardens property.

The couple lives in a neighborhood that sits on the edge of the Palm Beach Gardens golf course, but never thought they would end up as prisoners in their own home.

"They hit my garage door. I've got dents in my garage door you pull the cars out they've hit our cars," says Sonya.

And they've hit her foot, sending her to the emergency room.

"It didn't break my foot. I couldn't walk on it. It bruised it really bad and I was on crutches," she says.

And the Goodrich family isn't alone. Just up the street their neighbors Oscar and Holly Olson have evidence of the community problem in their yard.

"We have golf balls in the yard and in the pool," says Oscar.

The Olsons say they have spent $5,000 dollars replacing nine windows. Since then, they have built a barricade around one window that was being broken repeatedly.

"Is it pretty? Probably not, but the reality is it does its jobs," states Holly.

Both couples say they approached the golf course managers to come up with a solution, but say they were basically told the golf course was there first.

Neighbors fear that a child could someday be hit.

"It's really going to end up killing a little kid or something like that. It's a huge problem," says Sonya Goodrich.

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