Teco Scam

Teco Scam
Monday, September 30, 2013 - 6:53am

Crooks are posing as TECO bill collectors and threaten to turn off the customer's electricity unless the pay them large sums of money.

(WFLA) Hillsborough County Sheriff's detectives say criminals are using new technology to pull off the same old scam. The scam artists call victims posing as TECO employees. They say their electric bill is overdue and if it's not paid, their electricity will be turned off.

Corporal Bruce Crumpler works in the economic crimes unit at the sheriff's office. He says what's new, the crooks use a computer or a smart phone app to make the victims believe the call is actually coming from the electric company.

"They have devices now that they can make a phone call and it appears that it's coming from another phone number," said Crumpler. "So what they're doing is spoofing TECO's phone number or whatever business they want it to be from to make it look like it's coming from a legitimate phone."


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