Tech Free Vacations

Friday, August 3, 2012 - 12:10pm

More people are turning off their cell phones and other gadgets to maximize relaxation.

pendingOur inability to turn our mobile devices is beyond dispute, our addiction to them is well documented.

A survey by Intel confirms what other research says about suffering separation anxiety when we're away from our laptops, smartphones or tablets.

But shouldn't we at least be willing to dis-connect" during vacation?

Jeannene Tornatore at Orbitz Travel says if ever there's a time to wean yourself off all things WiFi, it's while on vacation, although she admits that's hard to do.

"I also think that people just don't know how to disconnect anymore. We're constantly on social media sites, having our Blackberries and tablets with us," she notes.

So, her advice: Leave the device at home, let your work-world know you're away, then select a destination far away.

If you insist on taking it, set aside only a half hour or so per day to reconnect.

She says a tech-free vacation could actually make you feel more rejuvenated when you return.

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