Tea Party Shocker

Friday, October 15, 2010 - 2:52pm

New poll finds 1-in-3 Americans supports the Tea Party.

With the midterm elections just 18 days away the Tea Party is gaining strength.

A surprising new polls finds 33% of voters plan to support Republicans backed by the anti-Washington Tea Party movement.

The stunning news comes just months after the Tea Party emerged, demanding lower taxes and smaller government.

The Seltzer poll finds one-third of all likely voters now support the Tea Party.

An exceptional win would be to defeat Harry Reid.

The Senate Democratic leader trails in some Nevada polls.

Tea Party Republican Sharron Angle's hammering Reid on Nevada's 14% unemployment.

"I understand some of the excitement has faded since Election Night or Inauguration Day," President Obama said while campaigning in Delaware on Friday. "Don't let them convince you we have not made progress. We have made progress."

But the Obama agenda could stall. 33 Tea Party-backed candidates have good shots at winning House seats and helping take Republican control of the House.

Tea Party candidates promise to pressure whoever controls Congress, to roll back taxes, spending, government regulations and health care reform.

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