Taxing filing deadline getting closer


POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2013 - 3:33pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 10:57am

Chances are if you've seen one those tax prep recruiters, dressed up and screaming  for you business , it's just another reminder that tax filing deadline is less than three days away.

Gayle Rice is a district manager for H&R Block out of McAllen. Rice says, "It is almost April the 15th, we only have a few more days to get that tax return done, there has been years were the deadline was put off until the 16th or the 17th, but not this year it is Monday at midnight."

If you're one of those scrambling around to trying to get your documents in place or simply know you owe money, it's always best to file by the deadline, because you can always go back and make changes, however there is always those exceptions.

Rice says, "If you just absolutely can not for whatever reason, you should file an extension, it will guard you from a penalty, a late filing penalty."

On the other hand tax experts and the IRS also remind everyone to be cautious with your personal documents, social security number, and  I.D. cards, because of the alarming increase in fraud.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who has completed your tax filing duties for the year and are expecting a return, remember to pack a little patience.

The IRS reminds tax filers expecting returns that there is no need to check the "where's my refund" page more than once a day.

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