Tax Battle Drags On

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 3:51pm

Vote on House GOP plan to extend payroll tax cut expected today.

President Obama toughened his threat to veto a Republican sponsored tax cut and jobs plan Tuesday, but house GOP leaders are going ahead with a vote.

It's the latest in a nasty series of down-to-the-wire struggles over taxes and spending.

House Republicans were set to pass their tax cut bill Tuesday afternoon.

Most democratic lawmakers are opposed.

"They are playing with the 160 million who need a payroll tax cut and they are throwing on the the trash heap of life six million who have lost their jobs and need unemployment insurance," argued Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Republicans want to extend the pay freeze on federal workers and cut extended unemployment benefits to pay for lower payroll taxes.

Democrats want a tax hike on the rich.

It's a new battle in the same old war.

The Republican bill would fast-track approval of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, opposed by environmentalists, but backed by some unions and many conservatives.

President Obama, who wants more study on the pipeline, vows to veto the bill if Keystone is included.

He's escalating the fight by urging Democrats to hold up the latest short term government spending bill until The House passes a plain payroll tax cut extension.

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