Taco Johns Lady

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 12:26pm

For many, the golden year is 65, when they can say goodbye to their careers and enjoy the rest of their lives in retirement. But for one Sioux Falls resident, age is just a number and as she says she'll never call it quits...even at 90 years old.

Taco Johns has been around since '69, but Verna's got John beat by a long shot.

Try 1922.

If you've ever eaten at the Taco Johns on Minnesota you've probably run into this spunky senior.

From the dangling earrings, to the spicy apron and equally flavorful personality, Verna Miller is a slice of heaven, made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

Every day she just hopes a little of her effervescence can rub off on others and not just on the tables.

"If I see a man with kind of a somber face, I talk to him and say what's your problem? And he cheers up."

But one thing that Verna doesn't have time for and doesn't want to hear, is what some think she should be doing with her time.

"They say, 'Verna, you're old'!" 'You better quit!' Quit for what? To be bored and stay at home? What do they do? Do nothing and get old!"

Now her dedication is being repaid, with a surprise 90th birthday party from her friends and family.

But what Verna doesn't realize is that to all that she meets, she is the real gift, the gift of an infectious smile and presence that everyone can't get enough of.

By the way, Verna says the secret to her health and cheerful disposition is no drinking, no smoking and lots of milk and sugar cookies.

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