Synthetic Weed Returns

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 8:47am

Drug makers change ingredients to skirt local bans.

It's sold as incense or potpourri, but it's know as synthetic weed.

The products sold at smoke shops and online have become so popular in the last three years that the Drug Enforcement Administration has banned five chemicals used to make them.

Now new versions have popped up.

They sport labels stating the banned chemicals aren't among their ingredients, but they don't tell consumers what ingredients are included.

Sale or possession of more than three grams of the herbal blends containing the banned compounds will be a felony beginning Friday.

Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein responds to the calls that come in to South Florida's Poison Control hotline from people having toxic effects from smoking synthetic weed.

"They end up with agitation, rapid heart rate and it's not the same high that you get at all when you smoke marijuana," he warns.

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