Suspects Arriagned on Capital Murder Charges

Friday, August 27, 2010 - 11:28am

Six suspects, associated in a drug smuggling ring, were charged with capital murder in the death of Gilberto Rosales, who was kidnapped, beaten and shot to death back in February, Michelle Macias has the story.

Police say Aguilar's death, was an example to the other members, of this drug smuggling ring when one of their own stole 300 pounds of marijuana in a drug transaction. Police did raid a home near Palmview and found the body of the shooter, who killed Rosales, buried under concrete. The group killed the shooter in fear he would snitch on the drug ring's operations.

Arrested and charged with capital murder were, 64 year-old Homero Sosa, 29 year-old Erica Sosa, 25 year-old Daniel Flores, 20 year-old Mark Anthony Garza, 23 year-old Oscar Cantu and 20 year-old Luis Aleman. Each suspect was given a $850,000 dollar bond and police expect to make more arrest in the case.

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