Suspected Smuggler Dies After Crashing Into Border Wall

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 8:08am

HIDALGO- A suspected drug smuggler is dead after crashing his car into the border wall trying to escape from Hidalgo Police and protecting his drug load.

"The more they try to get the marijuana across and the tighter that we choke them the more desperate they get and when you start becoming desperate you start doing desperate things and that's what your seeing a lot more,"said Captain Robert Vela Jr. of Hidalgo Police.

It all happened in Hidalgo around 10:45 p.m. when police spotted something suspicious and police say the brazen smuggler was taking out marijuana bundles from a man hole right off Esperanza Street.

"Because we had information before that they had been loading narcotics from that particular man hole into vehicles he attempted to make a traffic stop upon it the vehicle led them on a pursuit down International Boulevard and turn back south bound along a road that leads adjacent to the border wall," said Vela.

According to police, there were two suspects inside the car and when they were driving at high speed they hit the embankment, went airborne and slammed into the border wall.

"Because the individual tried to bail out -out of the vehicle when that suburban collided it crushed the individual between the driver's door and the vehicle itself that subject basically fell out of the vehicle and landed at that spot," said Vela.

That suspected drug smuggler was pronounced dead on the scene and some of the images police had were too horrific to show on television. Police said his suburban continued because of the speed to the other side of the wall crashing into an embankment where the passenger bailed out and took off.
Border Patrol agents were also on the scene assisting in searching for that run-away passenger but could not be found.

Inside the car were 16 bundles of marijuana, not to mention two more bundles which were found at that man hole.

The suspect who died is 25 years old and is a citizen from Mexico and his name has not been released until his relatives have been contacted. Hidalgo Police are working on that along with the Mexican Consulate.

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