Survivors battle "tornado cough"

Survivors battle
Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 10:06am

Invisible threat lingers in wake of Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

(KFOR) Lisa and Anthony Macias are cleaning up their lives one shovel full at a time. Their home near Plaza Towers Elementary School was completely destroyed in the May 20th tornado. Thankfully, their two children, Neko and Kyler, and faithful Sherman Shepherd, Liam, survived without a scratch.

Just when Lisa thought they were safe, something else started threatening her family.

"The very first night, right after it happened, we came over to see if there was anything we could get, medicine-wise, for my son and stuff out of the house." She said. "And we didn't wear a mask. That was the night I really noticed when we got back that they were coughing a little bit and my youngest one was really scared."

It's called "tornado cough," allergic reactions to debris in the air. It can strike even the healthiest people.

"You don't have to have asthma to overwhelm your respiratory system." Dr. Jason Sigmon said. "We saw that in 9/11 in the world trade center bombings and all the debris that was in the air."

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