Survivors Announce "Sandy Hook Promise"

Monday, January 14, 2013 - 3:53pm

Family members of Newtown victims announce new group called "Sandy Hook Promise".

Clutching photos of their lost little ones, surviving parents took the stage in Newtown, Connecticut Monday.

Family, friends and others are behind the launch of what's called the Sandy Hook Promise.
"This is a promise to turn the conversations into actions. Things must change, this is the time," said Nicole Hockley, mother of one of the victims.

Exactly a month after 20 children and six educators were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, organizers say they want a national discussion on what led to the tragedy.

"We have let this happen too many times. If we want real change we have think, we have to talk and we have to act differently," said Sandy Hook Promise co-founder. Tom Bittman.

Although organized around Sandy Hook, the plea to join in goes beyond Newtown.

Organizers say for now they're not taking sides in the debates over gun control, violent videos and mental health, but absolutely plan to in the future.

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