Surveillance Video Released Of Drive-By Shooting

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 8:55am

EDINBURG- Police are searching for a trigger-man who opened fire on two kids in the city.
no one was hurt, but police are asking for your help.  Surveillance video that was released by Edinburg PD moments before a drive-by shooting late Tuesday night. In the video you can see two teens riding their bikes on 28th street and University Drive.

Police say a car drove past them asked if they were part of the Chicano gang.

"Their reply of course was no at that point the teenagers started being followed by the suspect vehicle the teenager feared for their safety in which point they started running the vehicle started a chase and the passenger stuck his body out the window and fired multiple shots from an unknown type of fire arm," said Lt. Oscar Trevino with Edinburg Police.

No one was injured and the victims managed to escape. Police were patrolling the streets Wednesday morning around 28th and Cano Streets. They were also looking for clues around the plaza where the encounter took place. A woman who  lives behind the plaza and has kids, she told us that the crime that happened worries her.

Another woman told us there's a lot of drug activity around this neighborhood and two types gangs roam the streets. She says this incident isn't a good example for kids.
"I have a teenager you know and that's bad influence for my son. you know, he's like a 13 year old son, and that's when they all mock other people, you know what I'm saying,and that's not really healthy for other kids around here," said Carmen Linda Aguilar.

Police describe the car as a red colored Mitsubishi eclipse with custom mag rims.  The suspects are described as Hispanic males and one of them dark complected and wearing glasses. No arrest have been made.

Detectives are investigating the shooting as gang related and if you have information regarding the shooting your asked to call Edinburg Crime Stoppers at 383-8477

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