Supreme Court Sides With Walmart

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 3:45pm

Court blocks largest sex discrimination suit in U.S. history.

The Supreme Court is putting a stop to the country's biggest sex discrimination lawsuit against the world's largest retailer.

Female employees claimed Walmart discriminated against them, but on Monday the high court said they cannot include every woman who works at Walmart in an enormous lawsuit.

In a unanimous decision, the high court blocked the massive sex discrimination suit, ruling the suit was simply too big, with too many questions from discrimination to back pay making the class action unmanageable.

Walmart praised the decision.

The suit could have united more than a million and a half women, claiming the retail giant paid them less and didn't promote them.

The court ruled plaintiffs hadn't proved a common tie for all women at Walmart.

The court acknowledged Walmart had a written anti-discrimination policy, and the justices didn't rule on the merits of the discrimination case, only whether it could be a class action, leaving some experts to call the ruling pro-business.

"All together it means businesses are less susceptible to these very large, multi-million
or even billion dollar lawsuits," says Georgetown University law professor Paul Rothstein.

The plaintiffs have vowed to continue their fight as individuals or in different sized classes.

"We're going to have to splinter and major lawsuit many, many women are going to come forth," said plaintiff Betty Dukes.

Walmart said it was confident it could fight any individual discrimination lawsuits and vowed to continue working on developing the careers of women it employs.

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