Supersized McDonalds

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 9:01am

One of the largest McDonald's in the country opens in Texas.

At 4am Tuesday, November 2nd, a new supersize McDonald's restaurant will open in Irving, Texas.

The building is about twice the size of a regular McDonald's, and is outfitted with more seats and new technology. It is expected to help jump-start revitalization efforts in the neighborhood, and raise the bar for new restaurants around the country.

On the day before its grand-opening, workers were still putting on the finishing touches of this new 7,800 square foot McDonald's.

McDonald’s Owner Heath Massey says “we built this, basically for Irving."

A McDonald's has been at this West Irving Boulevard location since 1973, but Heath Massey and his family tore down the old building to make way for the new.

Heath Massey says "we built it for the community, all the schools come here, I have two high schools, six to eight elementary schools that we work with all the time. my junior highs come here before games, after games, after school, for signups, for soccer, pee-wee, libraries, church groups."

There are more electrical outlets and free WiFi so customers can use their laptops and it's outfitted with energy efficient lights and windows. There's also a 20,000 gallon rain tank outside.

Heath Massey says "what we're doing is capturing all the water, all the rainwater from the roof or in the parking lot and it goes through a filter system, and from that point we're able to water all of our landscaping, and wash our parking lots with it to reduce the water pumps."

It's expected to help jumpstart redevelopment efforts in Irving's Heritage District.

Irving Mayor Herbert Gears says "we have a lot of plans, we've invested many of dollars in getting properties and reshaping properties and demolishing some older buildings and really making it new."

While that is certainly supersized, the McDonald's that is considered to be the world's largest is in Orlando, Florida.

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