Super Bowl Tickets

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 9:57am

Official tickets have some special anti-counterfeit features.

Close to 100,000 people are expected to be in attendance at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the Super Bowl. If you are one of the people about to plunk down the big bucks for a ticket to the big game, there ar things you need to know. The official tickets have some high-tech characteristics to separate them from counterfeits.

Hank Wendorf of says "there's no doubt there's going to be counterfeit tickets in and around the North texas area just because of the value."

It's the most coveted ticket a football fan can get.

Jeanette Kopko of the Better Business Bureau says "you want to be careful that you are really getting genuine tickets and not counterfeit tickets and that you're really going to get tickets when you pay for them."

And that's why ticket scammers can easily prey upon adoring fans desperate to get into the big game, reserved seats are selling for no less than $2,500.

Hank says "knowing what the prices are usually if you have an opportunity to buy tickets and it seems too good to be true it probably is."

The Better Business Bureau suggests buying at a brick and mortar business, or an established and known website.

Jeanette says "you want to be careful that you're getting a genuine ticket, not a counterfeit ticket, and you're really going to get tickets when you pay for them, so we suggest you go through an established ticket broker, you can check them out through the BBB or the national association of ticker brokers."

And the tickets themselves have several distinct features, including heat sensitive ink on the back, a specially made high gloss varnish, and a raised embossed Super Bowl logo in high quality silver foil.

Hank says "there's a water mark on the back of the ticket with the NFL logo. There's a hologram on the back of the ticket with the Super Bowl logo."

Fake tickets may be missing one or several of those features. Super bowl XLV between Green Bay and Pittsburgh is February 6th.

Professional ticket vendors are getting $2,500 each for the so-called cheap seats.

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