Sunrise reveals devastation

Sunrise reveals devastation
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 7:59am

Search and recovery efforts continue in tornado ravaged Moore, Oklahoma.

(NBC News) Emergency teams worked through the night in Moore, Oklahoma searching for survivors of Monday's devastating tornado.

The violent funnel was more than a mile wide and remained on the ground for close to an hour.

"When you see a tornado that is that big you have no choice, it's either find cover or die," said Moore resident Tony Conner.

Even some who rushed to shelter could not escape the wrath of the storm.

"We locked the cellar door when we saw it coming and it got louder, and the next thing you know you see the latch coming undone and you couldn't reach for it," said Ricky Stover.

Injured victims were pulled from the debris that is scattered across more than 20 miles.

Entire neighborhoods and communities were seared away by what initial reports indicate was an EF-4 tornado with winds pushing 200 miles an hour.

Two elementary schools took a direct hit and several students are among the dozens killed.

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