Students to Receive STARR Test Results Until January

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 9:11am

Several third and fifth grader students will not be getting the results of the STARR tests until January which might get parents and educators frustrated, but the state says the lack of scores won't affect the students. The reason this year is because the passage requirement for the test is being waived. Mission I.S.D. Spokesperson Craig Verley said, "The only thing we have received for the younger grades at this point is literally just a number of test questions that a student may have had correct or incorrect on the test, but what the state is doing, that is not going to be the true reflector of how the student did on the test."

The Texas Education Association will decide which questions to throw out because they may have been too difficult and then students will be given a scaled score. High school students will get their results a week from Friday.

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