Students make phone charger


POSTED: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 4:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 17, 2013 - 7:58am

Three high schoolers have come up with a simple solution to an everyday problem that affects us all. The Ignite School students have MacGyvered an end to the dead cell phone.  

"We decided to make something effective and beneficial to everyone here, so we decided why don't we have a portable charger we don't have to plug into the wall?" asked Jose Angel Acosta.  

Using a pair of batteries, an Altoids tin and a few other pieces, they've made a USB charger that can hold several charges.  When word got out, people wanted to support them. They say they've gotten 40 orders at $20 a piece.  

"A lot of people always need chargers, maybe you're in the store, you don't got an outlet," said Julian Sanchez "You got a charger right now." 

The boys said they got the idea for the charger during a field trip.  The school bus didn't have any place for them to plug in their phones, so they thought, why not make a portable charger?

Entering the room, these boys have a language all their own. And they don't mind being called geeks.  

"I guess you can call us that," Acosta said about the term. "I mean we're pretty smart about this stuff... There's a simplicity to it." 

The eldest of the three, senior David Wilkins, will fill the orders because he make more money with the chargers than his job at Whataburger. 

"What I want to do when I grow up is anything I want," Wilkins said. "To do what I know can make me money." 

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also known as the mintyboost........ these kids are making a profit off free information taken from the internet. though I'm not sure how much of a profit they are actually making...
The thing people need to understand is usb charging is 5v and these kids are wiring up TWO 9v batteries together. The typical MB chip is designed to step up the voltage from TWO AA batteries bringing 3v up to 5v with a little heat as byproduct

This idea is famous on the Internet I myself have built this project.

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