Students Collect Nearly 2,000 Stuffed Animals for Local Organizations

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 8:13am

So far they've collected roughly 18-hundred stuffed animals. The library at Dora Romero Elementary school in Los Frensos looks more like a toy store these days. Students have flooded the school with bags and bags of stuffed animals over the last month.

“I had a lot of teddy bears that I wasn't using so I decided to give some to the kids," said 1st grader Robert Garcia.

The stuffed animal donations will go to several organizations here in Cameron County, like Maggie’s and Monica's House and the Family Crisis Center to name a few. Students know exactly where the animals are going, and who they'll help.

"To help the hurt boys and girls, "said kinder student Ryan Pineda.

“I know they mean more to other people," said fourth grader, Brianna Munoz.

The majority of the nearly 500 students at the school have brought in at least one cuddly comfort.

"Children give without hesitation, they give freely and they enjoy it, they get a thrill out of it,” said school counselor Rosalinda Garcia.

The counselor adds some kids have gone above and beyond, some bringing in 50,100; one kid even brought in nearly 800.

But of course, these kids couldn't do all of this on their own, they've had help from home.

"My mom found some,” said pre-k student Jade Gomez.

The support from the students, parents and even businesses in the community was not a surprise for staff and administrators at the school, but because they've surpassed their goal by nearly double has shown them that these kids are truly learning and understanding the importance of giving.

"I'm so happy I donated,” said second grader Allison Alvear.

The stuffed animals will be given to the chosen organizations at the end of April.

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