Student Pricks Classmates

Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 9:39am

Parents outraged they weren't told about 8-year-old pricking several kids with medical lancet.

A third-grader in Pontiac, Michigan has been suspended from school after several classmates were poked with a lancing device.

The medical tool, which is about the size of a pencil, has a small needle on the end and is commonly used by diabetics to test their blood-sugar levels.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at Jefferson-Whitter School during what school officials called a "secret session of show-n-tell."

According to school security officials, the 8-year-old boy brought the device from home and poked as many as 10 students.

"It didn't appear to be a malicious act. The kid was playing with the object," said Pontiac School Security Officer Daryl Cosby. "The other kids wanted to play with the device as well. It wasn't like the boy wanted to hurt someone."

Cosby said the school has launched an investigation and some parents question how the incident was handled.

"It's awful. They should have called everyone, just like they would tell us about the bad weather," said parent Tina Humphrey. "They should have informed us of something like this."

School officials said parents of the affected students were contacted right away and the boy was immediately removed from the class.

"They handled it all right," said another parent, Lataria Clark. "Right now, they pretty much have the situation handled. That's what makes me feel better - and it's under investigation."

Cosby said the boy will not be allowed back to school until the investigation is completed.

School officials said it appears that one of the boy's relatives is diabetic and that he brought the device from home after watching someone use it.

Cosby said the affected students were not at risk of contracting a disease but some parents plan to have their children screened for HIV.

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