Student Killed at Cummings Middle School Shooting


POSTED: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 11, 2013 - 5:02pm

This a News Center 23 UPDATE- Brownsville Police confirm a shooting this morning at Cummings Middle School. Police and EMS units responded to the school shortly after 8am. A male student was shot by police. The student is in custody and has been transported to a local hospital in undisclosed condition. Another male student was taken into custody by police. All other students and faculty are reported unharmed and safe. Classes have been CANCELLED for the rest of the day. Students will be bused to nearby Porter High School, where they will be available for pickup. News Center 23 Reporter Matthew Searcy and Claudia Mickle are on the scene. Stay tuned to News Center 23 for further updates.


Brownsville ISD Official Statement

A male 8th grade Cummings Middle School student brandished a weapon today at approximately 8 AM in the school’s main hallway. School administrators immediately contacted the Brownsville Police Department and BISD Police and Security Services. The school initiated standard lock down procedures. Law Enforcement Officers responded to the scene immediately. The student engaged the officers and was shot. He was transported to a local hospital by ambulance. No other students or employees were injured. After the shooting, law enforcement officers searched the entire school room by room. A staging area for Cummings Middle School parents was created at the nearby Ringgold Civic Pavilion located in Dean Porter Park where they received more information from school administrators. All Cummings students and employees are being relocated by school buses to the Porter High School gymnasium while officers investigate at the school. The relocation should be complete by 10:30 AM. The lockdown was lifted at 9:50 AM. Both the Brownsville Police Department and BISD Police and Security Services will be investigating this incident. Cummings has a student enrollment of approximately 750.

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With all the shootings that has happen at others school kids should take things seriously and not take toy guns to schools.

With all the shootings that has happen at others school kids should take things seriously and not take toy guns to schools.

I think that the police officers were asked to do their job, and they did it correctly, they followed all procedures. Officers are trained to kill people with three shoots, one to the head, one to the chest, and one to the lower chest; they are not trained to shot at the leg or arm. If the gun was real, and the student was shot in the leg, the student is still alive, and he still has a chance to shot his gun. I just think that the officers did their job, and there should have been no dispute.

Don't get me wrong I do feel real sorry for the kid's parents and they r in my prayers.... And I have been reading and hearing people say "y didn't the police just shoot the kid on the legs or shoulder? HELLO!!!!!! Wat difference would it have made wat about if the gun was real a shot on the leg or shoulder wouldn't have made a difference he would have still pulled the trigger and might off killed or injured someone..... All I have to say is that the cops did there job!

I think the police did the right thing.. The kid was 15 years Los he sure knew what the hell he was doing.. And come on seriously if u have a gun pointed at someone else with a gun and the other person draws his gun to shoot ovously u r going to shoot to save your own life.. The police and no one else had know idea that was a pellet gun.. Maybe if they did know this would have been a different story.. But NO ONE knew.. So the 15 year kid knew what was going to happen.

If someone else had gotten hurt or kill then we be saying why didn't the police react.It's hard for the family and yes we don't know all the facts.

My heart goes out to the family of the dead child. I think there were other ways to difuse the situation. Brownsville Police Department is not prepared enough for this situation. The time line of the problem does not add up. At 8:00 am the police were called and at 9:15 he was at the hospital pronounced dead! It looks like they did maybe 20-30 minutes of trying to talk to the child! Wow three bullets to the chest!!! I think one was sufficient! There are other ways to difuse the situation at leas

behind all of this --was there bullying, teachers ignoring the cry for help, and police are trigger happy

Yo pienso que no hay mucha seguridad en las escuelas, Mi pregunta es porque en los aeropuertos y en las cortes hay mucha vigilancia de alarmas para armas de fuego, hasta las bolsas nos checan. Por eso pagamos las taxas de las escuelas y yo pienso que ese dinero lo deben de usar para comprar los aparatos especiales para detectar alarmas de fuego y asi evitar tanta tragedias en las escuelas. Es tiempo que el gobierno exiga a los principales de TODAS las escuelas que pongan los aparatos especiales.


I hope there is more to the story as I can't understand why Police had to KILL an 8th grader. Something doesn't seem right.

So sad

Did the Police really need to shoot an 8th grader?

Shot three times? Did the student shoot his weapon? Why was he not shot in the leg or shoulder?

wow i was there and that was scary i was bearly going to the school when i heard the shot and a guy told me to not go because they where shooting and i decided to not to go to school

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