Stressed Use Your Vacation Time

Monday, September 27, 2010 - 7:40am

The results are in from a study on stressed Americans who never truly get away while on vacation—-and they aren't that surprising.

Stress, for a variety of reasons, keeps many less inclined to really relax.

A study from the Westin Hotel Group who, for obvious reasons, really wants people to relax and get away, found more than half the workers they surveyed failed to take all their vacation days.

"They're too busy”, said Nancy London, a Vice President with Westin Hotels. “They're often doing the job of two and three people in the aftermath of cutbacks and they're simply too stressed out to get time away"

The research did find many benefits to leaving work at work, even if just for an extended weekend.

"The overwhelming majority says that when they do get away, they feel healthier, they eat better, they sleep better and when they get back to work, they're far more productive", said London.

The best advice possible: start planning your next time off the day you return you work.

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