Stray Bullets From Fatal Shooting Hit Too Close To Home


POSTED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 4:58pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 22, 2012 - 8:29am

WEST OF EDINBURG - Skinner Road is quiet today. But if you look closely, the sings of the deadly crime scene still remain.

Marco Gomez lives down the street; he lives there with his family.

"My parents and my three brothers," said Gomez.

He wasn't here when the deadly shooting took place, but was surprised to find out how close the violence hit home. Two stray bullets pierced the side of his house.

Gomez said the bullets almost hit one of his younger siblings. He said he didn't get a chance to see the bullet, but another brother says it was about a half an inch thick. 

"Yeah and the cops took it, took it for like evidence," said Gomez.

The shooting killed Rodolfo Garza, 50, and wounded Rogelio Delgado, 47, and Americo Gutierrez, 56.

Deputies are look for four suspects that are believed to be driving a black Chevy Tahoe.

Gomez said his family is still uneasy, knowing the suspects are still out there.

"A little bit, my mom was upset, my dad was just on the lookout ya know what if it were to happen again, I mean me, I was just concerned for my brothers," said Gomez.

If you have any information about the crime or the suspects, call 956-668-8477.

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