Storms Rip Through Alabama

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 1:45pm

Clarendon store smashed by violent storm.

As severe storms pounded central and eastern Arkansas Wednesday evening, the Monroe County town of Clarendon experienced widespread power outages and heavy damage to some buildings.

With most of the town without power for much of the night, several community members drove around town trying to offer help as best they could.

Metal awnings from a building were ripped off and tossed across the street, and trees were downed, including one that hit a Clarendon video store just moments after the owner, Denise Davenport, left.

Davenport said she left after friends called her and told her the storm was approaching.

Shortly afterward, she says she heard the city's weather sirens sound.

"I just panicked, and I just closed the store because I'm normally there until 10 at night, and it was just like the Lord kept saying 'go home, go home,'" Davenport said, "I just closed up everything as fast as I could and went home and then I got a call from the sheriff's department that it had hit the store."

Davenport also credits the support from the community for keeping her safe in a dangerous situation.

"The community has pulled together, everyone from all around is coming out to help us save what we can save, and do what we can do, and try to secure the place as best we can," Davenport said, "I just thank the community of Clarendon for all their love and support."

No injuries were reported.

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