Storms Push Across Indiana

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 9:21am

Line of deadly storms that ravaged Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas moves into Indiana.

Greensburg, Indiana was hit by powerful storms Wednesday evening.

No injuries were reported, but a suspected tornado caused significant damage.

"It was horrible. I felt like I was gonna come apart. It vibrated so bad my body even vibrated. I thought the whole thing was gonna explode," said Tom Creech.

Home after home was beat up by high winds and hail.

Tasha Bennington saw it coming and ran for cover.

Her back windshield was shattered.

"A sheet of hail is what we saw, lots of wind and hail," she said. "We're pretty sure it was a tornado."

The storm tossed a kitchen sink, microwave oven and a toilet across the street.

"I guess it was a tornado. It hit the house, broke the front windows, the neighbor's roof is gone. We were in Indianapolis. We have two dogs in the house. We wanted to make sure they were okay," said Fred Eddelman.

From roofs to windows, residents raced to prepare for another round of rain.

Hours after the storm came through, there were still piles of hail on the ground.

Closer to town, many large trees split in half from the force of the storm.

At the Country Club Estates next to the golf course, Betty Westfield, 85, knew it was bad.

"Never even heard such a thing," she said.

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