Storm Damage In McAllen

Friday, March 30, 2012 - 5:48pm

Big chunks of hail combined with the winds did serious damage to businesses and apartments.
Car ports landed on top of cars.
At the Palm Manor apartments you can see the big chunks of hail. Shattered glass remains on the ground from blown out windows.


Frank Rodriguez lives at the apartment with his wife. Friday he's trying to clean up the mess and is still shocked at Thursday night's storm.

"There was a home bunch of hail and a lot of windows got broken."

Not too far away the storm also caused flooding, which is a major problems for many people.

"You can see the major problems. Neighbors tell us 5 cars have got stuck and there debris in the middle of the street."

On Harvey a McAllen resident and is trying to deal with the flooding at this home.

"In the house we had 6 inches of standing water here it was past our knees."

Despite the risk of getting stuck cars continue to drive on the road pushing the water into McAllen mans house.

"The waves just ripple in and beat up the house, a lot of people have water in their house cause they are passing by really fast."

Mario Rameriz also trying to clean up from the storm.

"We have windows broken we have water inside the house we have tried to get city employees over here."

We found Lt.. Rene Alanis from the McAllen Fire Department surveying the flood areas.

"Stay away from these areas and allow us to do the job we need to try to get these people back into good safe haven as much as possible."

Alanis also giving this advice if you have damage to your home.

"Do an assessment, go around the house and check the damage if have have insurance take pictures it will be important."

Also if water that got into your and hit's and electrical wiring call the fire department immediately.

Officials are asking people to be as patient as possible as they are working round the clock to get things back to normal.

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