Stolen Pup Rescued

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 2:29pm

Dog-napper barks at reporters after being taken into custody.

Two people have been arrested and accused of stealing an English Bulldog puppy worth $3,000 from a Houston, Texas pet store.

Investigators said two men walked into the Pet City Pet Store Sunday and one of them ran out with the dog while a mom and her two children acted as a decoy.

The owner said it happened within a matter of seconds.

"There was a large crowd of people here at the time. When the girl turned her back, they took off with the dog," said Frank Stack.

The thieves took off with the 9-week-old puppy after they threw it in the back seat of a green older model Buick with front end damage.

The car did not have front or back license plates.

A woman was driving the getaway car, and her two kids were also in the back seat.

After the story about the theft aired on NBC affiliate KPRC tips regarding the puppy's whereabouts came flooding in.

Harris County sheriff's deputies later arrested a man and a woman thanks to those tips.

The names of the suspects have not been released.

Deputies said they would both be charged with felony theft.

"I was in the car with him," the woman said. "Not that I wanted to take it, but it was for him."

The puppy was found stashed in a closet and shaking, but she was safe.

She was returned to Stack.

Stack said he's putting a new policy in place.

He will hold customers' identifications while they are looking at animals outside of cages.

The children involved in the incident are in their father's custody, investigators said.

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