Stinky Situation

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 2:04pm

Brooklyn chicken restaurant abandoned with rotting food inside.

The New York City health department is investigating a Brooklyn fast-food restaurant that appears to have been abandoned and is fouling up the neighborhood with rotting food and swarms of flies.

Dead flies, rather than hungry patrons, occupy the tables of the shuttered Popeyes.

Frustrated and puzzled passersby say they can smell the stench of rotting chicken and other food from the street.

"I walk past here every day and the smell is just horrific," said Fatima Turner, who lives in the area. "My goodness, there are flies, rodents."

A health department spokeswoman said Friday that it was investigating and would try to gain access to the restaurant.

If officials cannot get into the building, the property owner will be cited, the department said.

Meanwhile, garbage overflows from trash cans on the street and dumpsters behind the building of the restaurant, which received an “A” rating from the health department.

That "A" grade sign is now partially covered in flies.

A spokeswoman for the fast food joint said the owner for that particular franchise is currently in bankruptcy, but that Popeyes was “working diligently” to resolve the outstanding complaints.

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