Stink Free Yoga

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 10:05am

New clothing line eliminates post-workout odors.

A yoga-wear retailer has introduced a "stink-free" line of clothing that is designed to keep people moving and stench-free -- without changing outfits.

According to the manufacturers the clothes wick away sweat and squelch odor-causing bacteria, too.

"People are going to the yoga studio and then the gym, and they want something that's really functional that they can wear to the grocery store afterwards or to go pick up their kids," said Anna Wojcik, of Lululemon.

The secret? The line of yoga fashions have silver in the yarn.

"Because silver naturally has antibacterial properties, so it's going to keep your clothing form retaining that musty, worked- out in smell," Wojcik said.

The line is good news for Traci Jackson, a mother of two who wears yoga outfits all the time.

"I get up at 4:45, I hit a class at 5:15, I get home -- balls rolling already, so I don't have time to change," she said. "So I like an outfit that I can put on to work out in and still look good the rest of the day -- and not look a sweaty mess."

Michelle Huynh, another "yoga mom," teaches classes for moms and their babies at D Wellness in Fort Worth when she's not practicing poses at home.

"I wore this to teach, and I'm going to wear it all day," she said about her comfy pants and loose shirt. "It's very comfortable."

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