STC Makes Energy Conservation A Priority

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 9:36am

While students here at South Texas College focus on their studies, a certain management team at the McAllen campus is focused on energy conservation.

As South Texas College continues to grow, so does its energy consumption. So 2 years ago it developed a plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Alberto Cortez is in charge of the Energy Management Dept. His main focus is making sure every building on campus is energy efficient.

He says, "By reducing our carbon footprint, the emissions from electrical companies reduce so that's our way to help out the environment."

The team uses several strategies to reduce energy like keeping an eye on temperatures and monitoring equipment. Also simple things, like turning off the lightsthat could end up saving the campus a lot of money.
The department hopes to take its efforts to the next level.

STC students may want to get on board. Lesser costs in operations may result in lower tuition.
The department predicts half a million dollars in savings for the last year.


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