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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - 11:10am

Kurt Gregory shares basic winter survival tips.

Tuesday marks the first official day of winter, although much of the country would be forgiven if they thought the season started weeks ago.

There are some basic things everyone should know about cold weather safety, tips that safety experts say could save lives each winter.

Professionals recommend insulating pipes and outdoor water hooks-ups against the bitter cold,
Then let faucets drip indoors.

The Red Cross sees the number of house fires in the U.S. climb each year as people look for additional sources of heat.

Experts say to keep a "clear" area around space heaters and fireplaces and never use kitchen appliances to stay warm.

Candles are another fire hazard.

Use flashlights instead.

Portable generators can help during power outages but have to be used in a well-ventilated
Outdoor area, and don't hook them directly to your home's wiring system.

Hundreds of motorists have already been stranded on highways in upstate New York and Canada, highlighting the dangers of winter driving.

Experts agree that an emergency kit in your car is a must.

If stranded, start the car and use the heater for ten minutes each hour and keep your gas tank full for emergency use, and to keep your fuel line from freezing.

Also remember, when going outside in the winter-time always dress in layers.

Layers of lightweight clothing will always keep you warmer than a heavy coat can.

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