Staying Fit with Crossfit - The New Way of Working Out

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 7:33am

It’s a unique workout regimen for a unique athlete.

“I honestly believe that people are searching for something more,” says Crossfit trainer Wilbert Noyola.
“I went in the first day and did a simple five-minute workout and it destroyed me and from then I decided this is something that I need to be doing.”

Noyola is the owner of Crossfit Harlingen. One of more than 2,000 Crossfit locations across the country. Crossfit began about ten years ago in California and focuses on constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

“We call them organic movements,” says Noyola. “Things you do throughout your life already.”

Workouts are usually short but require all-out physical exertion. They can include movements such as jumping rope, sprinting, weightlifting and much more. Crossfit trainers and members do the same workout together which is known as the “Work Out of the Day”.

“Anything can be modified to any age group. My oldest athlete is 58 years old,” Noyola says. “If I go at my 100 percent and then you do the same workout. You might have it modified where you are doing no weight at all but you are going at your intensity. At the end of the workout we are both going to feel exactly the same because we both went at one hundred percent.”

Crossfit Harlingen has over one-hundred members and growing. Most of those members say they just want to create a healthier lifestyle.

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