Staying Active Could Keep You Cancer Free

Staying Active Could Keep You Cancer Free
Sunday, November 6, 2011 - 8:14am

MCALLEN - It's long been said that staying active keeps us healthier and keeps us away from disease.
And now News Center 23 Reporter Erin Murray tells us whether this is fact or myth. And whether we should change our lifestyle.

Staying active is always being preached by doctors and now cancer specialists are proving that what they have been saying for years is true.

"This was on the basis of a study that was reported recently in Washington, D.C., in the research community in cancer, which has proven that lack of activity correlates with cancer," said Eugenio Galindo, DHR Physician.

Statistics show that people who are less activity tend to eat more. and the more you eat, the more likely you will become over-weight.

"Most of these finding or associations are related to obesity," said Alvaro Restapo, Texas Oncology Oncologist.


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