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Border Patrol agents rescue man from burning truck

Border Patrols agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector saved the life of a man, who was trapped inside a burning pickup truck early Tuesday morning.

Gov. Perry authorizes additional disaster recovery funds for City of West

Gov. Rick Perry today granted the City of West's request for an additional $4.8 million in disaster grant assistance for recovery efforts related to the fertilizer plant explosion that occurred in April 2013.

Video captures burglary suspect watching sleeping baby

A chilling story out of Harris County, surveillance video captured a burglar walking through a home and creeping into an toddler's room as the child's parents slept nearby.

Hail storm hits Austin

A strong hail storm gave drivers in Austin a loud and bumpy commute on Monday morning. Showers and thunderstorms swept through the area, bringing hail and wind gusts.

TX State Board of Education to allow local school districts to create ethnic studies

The State Board of Education Friday broadened its call for new textbooks for Special Topics in Social Studies to include but not be limited to, Mexican American Studies, African American Studies, Native American Studies and Asian American Studi

Transgender teacher to return to classroom

A transgender substitute teacher will return to the classroom. Some parents in Lumberton, TX had complained and called the teacher a distraction, Agustin Garfias reports.

Human remains are discovered on SeaWorld property in San Antonio

Authorities in San Antonio have a mystery on their hands. Human remains have been found on property at the theme park, Phil Anaya reports the discovery is making nearby residents nervous.

Coast Guard, Texas Parks and Wildlife locate, recover body in San Antonio Bay

A Coast Guard MH-65 helicopter crew located a body, Sunday, which fits the description of a man missing since Friday morning, in San Antonio Bay.

TX Workforce Commission to provide scholarships for child care providers

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has launched a partnership with the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (Texas AEYC) to expand a program that provides scholarships to caregivers working for eligible child care providers.

Baby found between dead parents

A crying baby was found lying between the bodies of her murdered parents in Houston. It happened Wednesday night at an apartment complex.

TX Dept. of State Health Services to evaluate new Flower Mound cancer data

The Texas Department of State Health Services will conduct an updated cancer analysis in Flower Mound, Texas, in response to community concerns and interest spurred by a recent environmental law study.

Victim's wife confronts teenage driver in Texas courtroom

A teenager who hit killed a man while high on bath salts has been sentenced to ten years in prison. That man's widow faced the teen in court for the first time since the crash, Len Cannon has more.

Texas Board of Education considers proposing Mexican-American study course

The Texas Board of Education is considering a proposal to add Mexican American studies course as a statewide high school elective.

Woman shot by stray bullet after fight breaks out at quinceanera party

Houston police are searching for two armed men who opened fire at a 15 year-old's birthday party. A woman was injured after she was struck by a stray bullet, Gianna Caserta reports.

Fort Hood gunman vented on Facebook about Sandy Hook school shooting

We're learning more about the soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood last week, killing three people and wounding 16 before taking his own life.