State Of The Union

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 10:52am

The State Of The Union Address is tonight, so what will the President have to say?

President Obama tells military families he's expanding government support.

"We are upping our game," said Obama.

More programs, more money...and Republicans don't like it.

California Representative David Dreier said, "Reign in wasteful government spending."

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich said, "What will we sacrifice? Will we sacrifice the education of our children for these wars?”

The White House says while tonight's focus will be jobs, innovation and competition, the President will deal with the nation's 14 trillion dollar debt.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, "You'll hear the President talk about a whole host of economic things including getting our fiscal house in order."

But first, this afternoon. The House votes on cutting the rest of this year's budget to what we spent in 2008. How much? 60 billion? 100 billion?

Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen said, "The point we're making is you haven't given us a starting point number."

Budget Chair Paul Ryan gives the official Republican response tonight. Michele Bachmann speaks for the Tea Party.

But the most anticipated speech comes from the President....who took a "shellacking" and has now been given a second chance.

Former Reagan White House Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein said, "Ten weeks ago he wasn't even gonna make the playoffs and now he's in the Superbowl."

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