State of Texas Suing Federal Government on Voter ID Law

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 9:49am

McALLEN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has announced that the state is suing in federal court to enforce the voter ID law across the state.

Abbott says he's pushing the voter ID law in hopes of protecting election sites in November. The controversial law was already ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court for other states, forcing voters to show some sort of government ID at the polls, but many people in the Valley feel that the law disenfranchises minorities and others say that's not the case.

La Union Del Pueblo Organization member Martha Sanchez stated, "I mean this is just one more thing to make even less people go out and vote, so we're very concerned. We're very disappointed with all these hurdles that they try to put in front of people especially minorities to get to the vote."  Hidalgo County Objective Watchers of the Legal System (OWLS) Virginia Townsend stated, "I can tell you that if you go down to Progreso and talk to those people who would classify themselves as poor, elderly and disenfranchised, they are very much for the voter ID. They know it's absolutely impossible to get fairness when you go to vote if you don't have a picture ID."

Attorney General Abbott says he still plans to pursue approval of the voter ID law with the Justice Department and if granted he plans to drop the federal suit.

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