State Judge rules that the way Texas funds public schools is unconstitutional

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 9:32am

The way Texas funds it's public schools is unconstitutional as a State District judge ruled that the way the state finances public schools does not pass constitutional muster. State District judge John Dietz made the ruling after the trial lasted twelve weeks and in his ruling he stated that the state failed to provide local school districts equal access to revenue.

The state also effectively established a statewide property tax system, which is unconstitutional, and the state will most likely appeal the ruling. During closing arguments attorneys representing around six hundred public school districts informed the judge that the way the state funds it's schools is "woefully inadequate and hopelessly broken."

At issue are $5.4 billion dollars in cuts to schools and education grant programs, imposed in 2011 by the State Legislature, but the districts say simply restoring that funding won't be enough to fix a fundamentally flawed system.

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