State Health Director Speaks About H1N1

POSTED: Thursday, May 7, 2009 - 7:17am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

Two weeks ago most people did not know what the swine flu or H1N1 was, now its a household name, causing school closures and special event cancellations across the nation. Now it looks like the swine flu scare is slowing and so we caught up with State Health Director Dr. Bryan Smith to find out more.

In the Valley it all started in Starr county when schools closed down because two students had the swine flu. In the days that followed schools began closing in two week intervals, but now we are seeing a turnaround. Even though two people with swine flu died, one from Cameron County, experts say the more they learn, the more they believe its not as big a threat as once thought and the T.E.A. says its time schools reopen.

Dr. Smith says the open then close messages may seem mixed, but experts want you to take control that these protective measures gave the medical community the time needed to learn what they need to know about the virus. Dr Smith says you should expect to see a decline in H1N1 in areas that first reported it, such as Mexico and Starr county, as the risk of infection from the virus tapers off.

Valley-wide, a handful of people will die from the regular flu each year, so even with two swine flu deaths and Dr. Smith says there is no need to panic.

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