Starting The New Year With A Bang

Monday, January 3, 2011 - 10:10am

Bullet slams into man's bedroom wall during New Year celebrations.

Your own bed, at your own place is supposed to be where you feel safest.

If you asked whether that was the case for University of Kentucky student Chris Taber in 2010, he might have said yes.

But this year?

"It was a close call, for sure. Probably the craziest, most scared I've been in my life," Taber says.

He says he was winding down at his home in Lexington when five minutes after the ball dropped in New York to ring in the new year, an uninvited guest dropped in on his room.

"It was 12:05 and a bullet came in while I was on my bed," says Taber.

The bullet only missed his head by about a yard.

"I just got up and ran out of the room and there were people downstairs asking what happened. I said, 'Just call 911! A bullet came through the house."

There are two bullet holes in the room, one on the wall and one in Taber's ceiling.

He says police believe it came in through the roof.

The bullet also appears to have pierced the house's side wall.

After the police left, Taber says he had trouble falling asleep.

"That'll wake you up, for sure. I was downstairs until about 4:00 and came up here to try to go to sleep, but couldn't."

Taber plans to file a criminal mischief report with police.

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