Starr County Teen Kidnapped Found

Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 8:35am

STARR COUNTY- A Rio Grande City teen who was kidnapped, has been found safe and sound.  Investigators say it's the result of a drug case gone bad. Investigators say a group of people drove up to the home located off Railroad Street  and asked for the brother of Cristina Gonzalez, 15. She said he wasn't home and within seconds they took her instead.

"About two in the afternoon the sheriff's department received a report of a kidnapping. All available agencies responded. We learned that a 15 year old young lady had been taken by force in front of her house," said Captain Homer Flores, Starr County District Attorney's Office.

The Texas Rangers, The FBI along with local police worked throughout the night and through their investigations, it led authorities to Escobar. Around two this morning she was found and safe.

"We were able to work that area vigorously. through the pressure that we provided, they could not move her and were forced to release her. she was released in the community of Escobar," said Flores.

Cristina's brother is currently in jail on a drug case and investigators believe the kidnapping may have been a result of that.

Mexico's organized drug gangs have branched out into kidnapping as a way of ensuring a steady stream of income.  About a month ago Mexican president Felipe Calderon launched a national program to combat kidnapping.  the program includes creating a specialized anti-kidnapping unit staffed by men and women who specialize in the investigation and prevention of kidnapping.

Back here at home, Cristina was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning where she was medically cleared and is doing ok. She was taken to the Estella home in Edinburg. No arrests have been made and the search for the kidnappers continues.

 Any information you are asked to call the Starr County Sheriff's Department at 956-487-5571

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