Stagecoach Flip on Camera

Monday, August 13, 2012 - 12:01pm

There was a scary moment at the Indiana State Fair this weekend when a stage coach flipped over on it side.

They were just warming up the crowd before the main event when all of a sudden the stage coach tipped over.

"It looks like something might have let loose and cocked those wheels off the side, cut and tugged it to the ground and flipped that stage coach onto its side," says Matt Hall.

Hall shot this video and was just a couple of rows up from the arena floor.

"The stage coach come right around in front of me and they weren't traveling very fast," says Hall.

The driver of the stage coach, according to fair officials, has 20 years experience driving.

Sitting beside him is the Indiana State Fair Queen, Erika Burghardt and inside the coach are four others along for the ride.

What made the stage coach tip over will take some time to figure out.

How the state fair officials and emergency personnel responded is on video.

Burghardt and the driver were up on their feet almost immediately.

Inside the coach, there were four fair judges and notice david shaw, chief operating officer of the Indiana State Fair, is one of the first on the arena floor.

"The response was within, I'd say 20 seconds. I was in the hallway of the coliseum. I was one of the first one's there as well. And I'm proud of the response," says Shaw.

Shaw was hired earlier this summer by the State Fair Board and put into action new safety recommendations after the stage rigging collapse last year.

Shaw says, "Our ultimate goal at the Indiana State Fairgrounds is public safety. So if that means we keep any risk to the fairgrounds contained, that's what we're going to do."

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