Spring Snow Stumps Truckers

Thursday, May 12, 2011 - 3:15pm

Late storm make driving tough in the Rockies.

Given that truck driver Daniel Peverini is from Arizona and Lloyd Barnard is from Florida, driving through yet another winter storm in Colorado, on May 11 nonetheless, was hard enough.

"You don't expect this in May, not in the middle of May," Peverini said.

High winds and heavy snow made driving tough, closing Interstate 70 at the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel for a few hours due to accidents.

The truck drivers found their day getting a little more difficult when that same storm dumped so much snow on their rigs, the extra five inches of powder set off the height sensors at the tunnel, meaning they had to stop and climb up on their trailers to shovel it all off.

"We have to shovel the snow off the top of the roof. My partner is doing that on top of his trailer right now while I am watching the ladder, so he can climb down and then hopefully we can roll out," Peverini said.

The extra work in blinding white-out conditions, at a time when it should be warm and beautiful, made their morning rather miserable to say the least.

"The word miserable does not describe it," Barnard said.

The snow might have seem a little worse for Barnard, given he spent the whole time in it wearing sneakers.

"It's May 11. I left my cold weather shoes at home," Barnard said.

Meanwhile, Peverini found a better way to stay warm, his frosted mustache iced over like frosting.

"I have to keep my hat on to keep my head warm," Peverini said.

Clearly showing a little more winter experience than his partner, which he says goes along with his TV interview experience.

"I was on the Newly Wed game and we won the prize. Bob Eubanks should remember me, if you share this tape with him, he should remember me about 35 years ago," Peverini said.

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