Spring breakers making the best of it without Coca Cola Beach


POSTED: Friday, March 14, 2014 - 9:02am

UPDATED: Friday, March 14, 2014 - 9:18am

Thursday turned out to be the nicest day so far on South Padre Island and spring breakers flocked to new hot spots since the famous 'Coca Cola Beach' didn't set up a party this year, Na'Tassia Finley reports from the beach.

You won't find many in the water, still too cold, but there are plenty of spring breakers lining the sand, Thursday, was the nicest day out on South Padre Island since Texas Week officially kicked off on Monday. In years past Coca Cola Beach was the place to be, but this year it was decided not to be set up, but has the vibe of fun suffered?

Depends on who  you ask, "It's okay, but there's no music. We need music, we need everyone together, to party together, everyone is partying in their own little sections. Last year it was one big ol party."

Spring Breaker, "Coca Cola Beach was the hot spot for SPI it's like something is missing."

While a little something may be missing there's still plenty of partying going down, "This is so much better than last year. Awesome, it's great I love it out here. Good vibes, alive, it's all good. People are great, just a good time."

Police Chief Randy Smith says despite there not being a central location to party, spring breakers are finding new spots to set up, "Clayton's is the new hot spot now, the vibe is still the same. There's a lot more security now so a lot more people watching, but it's still the same."

Chief Smith adds that so far, things have gone very well on the island, very few incidents where law enforcement has had to take action, "They're really chill about everything, as long as we don't act our of order, like insane, like insanity, they won't butt into anything."

Spring breakers on the island, who have previously experienced Coca Cola Beach, say the party is where they bring it. They plan on making the last few days of their stay a good one.

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