Sponge Left in Judge

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 2:37pm

Huge surgical sponge left inside Florida judge after operation.

After complications with his intestines, Judge Nelson Bailey had surgery in October 2009 at Florida's Good Samaritan Medical Center.

"I expected to get the same treatment anybody else got... didn't turn out that way," the judge said.

The judge was sent home with not only the wrong medication, which was later corrected, but also a surgical sponge, measure a foot-long and a foot-wide, left near his intestines.

"What I had gone in to get corrected seemed to be worse," Bailey said.

After his surgery Bailey says he complained to his general doctor for months about abdominal pain but after numerous cat scans and X-rays, he says the sponge was overlooked or not detected.

Then, after five months, he was told of the life-threatening problem.

"When they opened me up the medical report shows it was rotting...because the sponge was left there and it was rotting it created perforations in my intestines so when they removed the sponge they had to remove a section of my intestines as well," the judge recounted.

The costly mistake has changed Bailey's life forever.

A lover of horses, the judge says he and his wife of 18 years used to ride across the state on horseback.

Now, as a result of the sponge being left behind, that has all changed.

"I can no longer do a half day or a day on horseback," he said.

Judge Bailey has since settled a lawsuit with the hospital but he has filed malpractice suits against some of the physicians involved.

In a statement the CEO of the hospital says they agree this was an unfortunate situation and they are sorry for what happened to Judge Bailey and they strive for excellence in everything they do.

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