Friday, January 14, 2011 - 2:04pm

New website makes it easy to find facts and details on just about anyone.

It seems on the internet you can find out just about anything you want, on anybody you want. That certainly seems to be the case with a new website that makes it easy, some say too easy, to uncover facts and details on just about anyone.

The site is called Spokeo and it proudly notes it is not your grandma's phonebook. You can search by name, e-mail, phone number, username or even friends in your address book and it instantly returns lots of info. It even plots out locations of the people you are looking for on a map.

It finds e-mail addresses, too, by username or fullname, searching through 70+ social networks and public sources to help locate the owner's full name, phone number, address, photos and other public information.

It doesn't do great with phone numbers, though you can enter one and get an idea of where it was registered. I found the info close, but not on, especially with cell phones. When you search for friends, it only works with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL, scanning your contacts and then showing you things your friends have posted on the web like photos, profiles and updates.

The site is free, but be aware they try to sell you a membership service that supposedly provides lots more details. For me, the free site was more than adequate. Privacy is definitely an issue here. You may be surprised by how much info is out there about you. Fortunately, the site allows you to have yourself removed from its listings.

Well if you want to check out this site I've made it easy for you. Head over to my PC Mike Tech blog - there's my address on the screen – www.pcmike.com. I've built in a direct link to everything you just saw.

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