SPI Police Investigating Gaming Arcades

POSTED: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 - 9:19pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

In a story you'll only see on News Center 23,South Padre Island Police are investigating the possibility of a few gaming spots, illegally giving out cash as prizes.
Concerned viewers sent News Center 23 e-mails telling us that there are some gaming arcades on the Island, which are giving out cash as prizes.
They asked us to investigate, and that's exactly what we did.
We went to two of the arcades mentioned in the e-mails. At the first one, I went inside, pretended to be from out of town, and I asked them If I could play "B.I.N.G.O". A worker inside told me, "No", that all they have is 8-liner machines, I then asked what prizes I could win. That same worker then told me, I could win cash, and I said, just like Las Vegas, and the worker said, Yes.
Next, I went into another spot, I noticed a sign at the door, which which, "We don't give out cash prizes." I asked the workers what prizes they give out.
Two employees told me they only give out gift cards.
With this happening, we took this information to South Padre Island Police.
In a statement to News Center 23 by phone, SPI Police Chief, Robert Rodriguez says, "They're not supposed to be giving out cash or gift cards. We go into these places once a week looking for this kind of activity.
Now, with you coming to us with this information, we will take our investigation to the next level.
Police say, they do plan to crack down on these illegal gaming spots.
At this time, we don't have physical proof that these places are actually giving out cash or gift cards.
You can count on News Center 23 to continue to follow this story for you.

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